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Beeswax 100 ml


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NK beeswax is an ecological and safe product for dogs. Helps to keep dogs’ leashes and pads in good condition for up to several years.

-100% natural product

-Made from Finnish beeswax and vegetable oil.

-Contains no other additives.

-Suitable for surface leather materials such as leashes, shoes, bags, clothing and furniture.

Many beeswaxes on the market contain high levels of chemicals and solvents, and their honey-like scent and yellow colour is imparted by perfumes and dyes.

Nahkakunta beeswax, made by a local beekeeper, contains no fragrances and is ideal for treating a variety of surface leathers, preventing chipping and wear.

Directions for use: apply the wax to the surface of the leather with a cloth and leave to dry for about 30 min. Beeswax brightens the original colour of the leather and gives good protection to the material. Contains no dyes, but the conditioning ingredients may slightly darken the leather’s colour.

Beeswax and vegetable oil.