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Our values

We change the market with sustainable design

When founding Polar Barks, our key idea was to design and manufacture products in our beloved home country of Finland, for the long-term joy of dog’s friends like us. By manufacturing the products in Finland, we support Finnish work, ethical work environments and local production that supports the well-being of the environment. At the same time, we offer dog families the opportunity for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Our source of inspiration is nature, which has given us and our dogs many memorable moments. Our creative know-how gives us the keys to bring responsible dog supplies into truly attractive options!

Long lifespan

Do your dog’s beds wear out quickly? It was clear to us at Polar Barks from the beginning that our material choices must guarantee a long service life for the bed. The right furniture fabric was thus selected as the cover fabric for Polar Dreams. Domestic design furniture intended for human use is also covered with our Suomi fabric.

The durability of our covers can be seen from:

– High Martindale or abrasion resistance value, starting from 35,000

– Crease-free surface

– A smooth weave that does not catch nails

– It is also easy to wipe away hair and loose dirt

– Strong seams: withstand small, species-typical tasting, scratching and creasing

Suomessa kudotut koiranpetien päälliset
Fabric covers for Polar Dreams beds

Environmentally conscious dog owner washes the removable cover at 30 degrees, with a mild detergent and without fabric softener. There is no fear of large shrinkage, mainly thanks to the synthetic fibers. After washing, the cover is easy to iron and is ready again for your furry friend’s delicious sleep moments. Keeping it clean gives the bed more years of use and prevents the fabric from pilling.

Recycled materials
kierrätysvanu, koiranpedin täyte
Wadding made from recycled PET bottles

High-quality polyester has up to nine lives. Recycled polyester is as soft as new and holds its shape well. That’s why the filling of Polar Dreams’ inner cushion is made from 100% recycled material: cotton recycled from PET bottles is also used to fill design furniture intended for human use.

For example, with the help of one hundred L-sized dog beds, we can reuse approx. 13,000 PET bottles. In addition, the production of recycled polyester fiber takes less energy, water and chemicals compared to the production of new polyester. Our fiber is also GRS certified.

We constantly strive to develop our products in an increasingly ecological direction. That’s why GRS-certified recycled fiber has also been used to make the cover in one of Polar Dreams’ color options, granite gray. We use recycled materials whenever possible without affecting the durability of the product. In addition, we strive to utilize surplus fabrics and wadding in other products.

Finnish design and manufacturing

Above all, we are part of the continuation of the domestic design tradition. Our design is timelessly beautiful, and the colors of our fabrics have been chosen drawing inspiration from Finnish nature. In addition, our choice of materials and manufacturers support the development of the Finnish design industry.

Polar Dreams’ Finnish fabric is produced by Finland’s only furniture fabric weaving company, K. & H. Annala Oy. Kutomo has been producing high-quality interior fabrics for over 60 years and also buys know-how from Finnish thread and fabric dyers.

The manufacturer of inner cushions and loose covers is over 50 years old, a Finnish family company specializing in interior textiles and cushions, Lennol Oy. As an advocate of domestic, responsible production, Lennol also represents our own values. Both Annala and Lennol employ people especially in rural areas.

Since Polar Dreams is a domestic dog bed, we aim to apply for the rights to use signs that tell about Finnishness as soon as possible! However, as a new company, we want to make sure that our customers also fall in love with Polar Dreams before applying for cerificates.

Local manufacturing

Is the region of South Ostrobothnia familiar to you? The yarn needed for Suomi fabrics for our bed comes to Finland by ship from Europe. The fabrics are woven in the Annala weaving mill in Lapua. From there, the finished fabrics travel to Jalasjärvi in South Ostrobothnia, where the fabric is cut and sewn into a durable, high-quality dog bed cover – at the same Lennol factory, an inner cushion made of recycled wadding is also manufactured.

vaaleanharmaa iso koiranpeti
Polar night gray Polar Dreams dog bed

The soft Polar Dreams bed batting is made from coarser raw batting, the recycled bottle material needed for its production comes from an Indonesian factory with a BSCI certificate of social responsibility.

Unlike Finnish fabrics, the granite gray Polar Dreams Eco fabric comes from Spain. Of course, this fabric also meets the requirements of the ÖKO TEX 100 standard and does not contain anti-mould chemicals that are added to textiles for longer ship journeys.

When Polar Dreams’ journey to the dog family begins, we will protect the product with plastic for the time being. Plastic has a bad reputation, but when used correctly, the use of plastic prevents product damage during transportation, product loss and thus unnecessary waste of material. The plastic can also be reused in the Polar Barks warehouse when packaging customer orders, and the valuable material is later recycled in plastic collection. Our warehouse is located in the premises of a Finnish family company, Alihankkija Oy, and our transport within Finland is handled by truck with packages from other companies.


To make the Polar Barks ROUTA dog bowl, North Karelian surplus soapstone salvaged from larger projects has been used. Surplus material is generated, for example, from the manufacture of stone fireplaces. The naturally dense structure of the stone does not absorb odors or tastes, so the stone makes the bowl a long-lasting home beautifier. Our soapstone bowl is 100% natural material. Best of all, no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process of the product!

Local production also makes our ROUTA dog bowl a more environmentally friendly option. Dog bowl is manufactured by Hukka Design Oy located in Tuupovaara. The company has been manufacturing interior products from soapstone for over 30 years. We pack the ROUTA bowl in a cardboard package that is made in Finland. The packaging can be recycled in a standard cardboard collection container. Like our other products, ROUTA dog bowls are also transported within Finland by truck together with packages from other companies. The ROUTA dog bowl has been granted Avainlippu certificate, which indicates the product’s high degree of domesticity.

painava koirankuppi
Routa dog bowl made of soapstone