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Dog bed POLAR DREAMS – Salmon red

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A salmon red dog bed made of furniture fabric woven in Finland. The plush inner pillow filling is made of luxuriously soft wadding made from PET bottles.

Designed and made in Finland.



The eco-friendly Finnish dog bed POLAR DREAMS – Salmon red is designed and manufactured in Finland. The chunky bed has a beautiful, timeless color and design. The simplistic Finnish design goes well with various furniture and decorative objects. Salmon red, a combination of pink and off-white, is muted enough to bring color to a Nordic interior style, but it’s also perfect for a more colorful home.

A quality dog bed is designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of the dog house, year after year. The fabric won’t wrinkle, crease, or shrink in the wash. Thanks to the soft recycled fiber wadding, used plastic bottles will live on as a joy for dogs and people.

Of course, POLAR DREAMS beds are tested by dogs!

– The durable fabric is woven in Finland.

– The inner cushion and filling are made in Finland.

– Filled with soft cotton wool made from recycled PET bottles.

– The cover is removable and machine washable at 30 °C degrees.

– The cushion can be hand-washed gently.

– The non-slip fabric prevents the pedal from moving on slippery floor surfaces.

– The pedal has a hidden zipper.

– The bed is sewn in Finland.

– Fabric cover is 70% polyester and 30% acrylic.

– Inner cushion filling 100% recycled polyester fiber (PET).


Polar Dreams dog beds take their name from the beautiful northern dogs (polar) and the pumpkin-like soft dreams that dogs get into when they sleep on the beds. The salmon red shade, on the other hand, got its name inspired by the glowing red shades of Finnish salmon and the beautiful scales that flash in the lake waters.




M – 80 x 50 x 15 cm = Dog bed for a small or medium-sized dog – or a couple of small dog friends

L – 100 x 70 x 15 cm = Dog bed for a medium-sized, large or wide-lying dog

Choose the right size bed for your dog by measuring the dog from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail (head + back). A suitable bed is slightly larger in width so that the dog can lie comfortably on the bed in a sideways position also. The bed will take its final shape during use and may be higher than initially stated.



Removable fabric cover: 70% polyester and 30% acrylic

Non-slip: 100% polyester

Logo tag: artificial leather

Inner cushion filling: 100% recycled polyester fiber (PET)

Inner cushion fabric: 100% polypropylene



We recommend cleaning the fabric cover in the washing machine at 30 °C degrees with a mild detergent without fabric softener. We do not recommend tumble drying. 

We recommend maintaining the inner pillow primarily by airing and vacuuming, but it also withstands hand washing. It is good to remove dust, hair, and loose dirt from the surface of the fabric regularly, e.g., by vacuuming, using a rubber glove, or a damp cloth. We do not recommend tamping.

We also recommend an accessory protector spray intended for home textiles for the bed. You can find the Softcare equipment cover that protects against dirt and grime in our online store. Also, if you want to adapt your dog bed, for example, to your differently coloured interior design for different occasions or times of the year, please consider picking an extra dog cover for variety.


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