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Our Story

[porto_ultimate_heading main_heading=”Designed for the Needs of Polar Breeds” alignment=”left” main_heading_font_family=”Oswald” main_heading_font_size=”26″ main_heading_porto_typography=”{”family”:”Poppins”,”variant”:”Default”,”font_size”:”26”,”line_height”:””,”letter_spacing”:””,”text_transform”:”none”}”][/porto_ultimate_heading]

We design and manufacture environmentally friendly and high-quality items that are made in Finland. We love fluffy breeds like huskies, Samoyeds, and Lapphunds. Unfortunately, they need our help in some environments. That is why specialize in the needs of our double-coated friends. Our mission is to better the well-being of northern breeds for them to thrive in a city setting. 

Even though we have our type, our products work for all the different doggies in your life.

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Our products are made in Finland because we want to support local workers and production. Manufacturing being close to us allows us to follow that our work climate is safe and ethical. In every step of the design, we stop and think about how to minimize the environmental burden. We don’t just stop at the use of recycled materials; we also actively utilize the leftovers. To keep our emissions low, we developed a logistics chain that is short and efficient. We want to be a respected example in our field and only work with businesses that share our core values.

We see product development as an ongoing process and better our products with the help of test results and customer feedback.

Nordic Design for
the Frosty Woofs
[porto_ultimate_heading main_heading=”The Founders –  Our Team Behind the Business” heading_tag=”h3″][/porto_ultimate_heading]
[porto_ultimate_heading main_heading=”ALEXANDRA” heading_tag=”h3″ main_heading_porto_typography=”{”family”:”Poppins”,”variant”:”Default”,”font_size”:”22”,”line_height”:””,”letter_spacing”:””,”text_transform”:”none”}”]CEO and the owner of Aspen[/porto_ultimate_heading]

As a jack of all trades, our CEO, Alexandra, keeps our team on the move. She takes care of the company’s current tasks and coordinates the marketing side with a professional grip.

Alexandra got interested in Nordic breeds after getting her Samoyed puppy, Aspen. Education in Business Administration and a versatile work experience nudged her into starting her own business that specializes in the needs of Polar breeds.

[porto_ultimate_heading main_heading=”NIINA” heading_tag=”h3″ main_heading_porto_typography=”{”family”:”Poppins”,”variant”:”Default”,”font_size”:”22”,”line_height”:””,”letter_spacing”:””,”text_transform”:”none”}”]Product manager and designer[/porto_ultimate_heading]

Niina is the person in charge of our product design, choosing the manufacturers and branding. She takes our ingenious team’s brainstorms and creates something practical. With her background in both business and design, she can create sustainable things. 

Dogs have been a big part of Niina’s life since she was a child. She now has two furry friends who have inspired her to be a designer. The enthusiastic product testers are easily motivated and have been helping along her studying path. Who better to use when testing out different dog products than well, dogs?

[porto_ultimate_heading main_heading=”OLGA” heading_tag=”h3″ main_heading_porto_typography=”{”family”:”Poppins”,”variant”:”Default”,”font_size”:”22”,”line_height”:””,”letter_spacing”:””,”text_transform”:”none”}”]Marketing specialist and Aspen’s godmother[/porto_ultimate_heading]

Our Instagram-guru Olga takes care of Polar Barks’ Instagram account @polarbarks and its content. Thanks to her labor input, you can always see or read something interesting about our products, brand ambassadors, and company. Not only that, but she uses her writing and language skills to compose and translate our packaging and website.

Olga has always loved dogs but because of a family member’s allergies, she never had an opportunity to get a furry pet. As Aspen’s “godmother,” she does her best to keep up with the fast-paced Samoyed. Their favorite hobby together is going to the dog park.

[porto_ultimate_heading main_heading=”ASPEN” heading_tag=”h3″ main_heading_porto_typography=”{”family”:”Poppins”,”variant”:”Default”,”font_size”:”22”,”line_height”:””,”letter_spacing”:””,”text_transform”:”none”}”]Brand ambassador, office dog & influencer[/porto_ultimate_heading]

Alexandra’s Samoyed, Aspen, is the start of the Polar Barks story and the main inspiration to start the business. During her work hours, Aspen oversees some major tasks like keeping up the work motivation and reminding about (snack) breaks. Her other duties include work as a brand ambassador and an Instagram influencer. You can find her page @aspenthesnowflake.