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Soapstone Dog Bowl ROUTA 1.2 l


The ROUTA design dog bowl is made of Finnish gemstone – a 2.8 billion-year-old soapstone. The bowl keeps your dog’s water cold and the food fresher for longer, thanks to the soapstone’s ability to absorb cold.

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ROUTA is a designer dog bowl manufactured from a Finnish gem – 2.8-billion-year-old soapstone mined in North Karelia. The material used for it is rescued from bigger-sized projects. The use of this long-lasting surplus material is what makes the product a more environmentally friendly choice.

Soapstone is known for its ability to hold its temperature. This insulation keeps the dog’s food and water nice and fresh. You may amplify it by putting the bowl into a freezer for two hours. The naturally dense material doesn’t absorb smells or flavors and makes the bowl hygienic: you can serve food without worries. The cleanup process is easy as the bowl is dishwasher-safe.

The bowl is sturdy and stays in place. It won’t get tipped easily, even when used by an eager muncher. This feature makes eating or drinking more ergonomic and pleasant.


Volume 1.2L – Width 20 cm, height 8.5 cm, weight approx. 2.7 kg




100% Soapstone (no chemicals have been used to process the stone)



Before the first use, carefully rinse the dust off the surface of the stone with water or wash the stone bowl in the dishwasher. If you want a darker bowl, where the stone’s color variations are more visible, you can oil the outside of the stone with cooking oil.

This soapstone product can be used as is, cooled, or heated. Warm up the bowl in an oven or some warm water. It can therefore function as a heatable food bowl. Never heat the stone with an open flame, microwave oven, stove, or other hot surfaces! Be careful not to overheat the stone to burning temperatures. Cooling the stone can be done by keeping it in the freezer for at least a couple of hours.

ROUTA – Soapstone Dog Bowl can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. Allow the stone to dry completely before the next use.










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Weight 2.7 kg